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Cathy Assoba
British-born Congolese native, living in London.

I am a British-born Congolese native Introvert living in London.

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Fellow Writers, Hi

My name is Cathy; I am a British-born Congolese native in my mid-20s living in London with an INFJ personality type(I felt the need to add that). From this short sentence, it’s a summary of my background yet only a small fragment of who I am. I find it very hard to answer the simple and number one common question I have had to answer and repeat in my life, yet I get coy about introducing myself to unmask more layers.

I am also an introvert at…

Changing my mindset and the worry of fitting in

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If the title didn’t give it away, I grew up working class (A social status vaguely understood). The title isn’t to sound catchy as it’s obviously nothing to boast about, but being part of this cluster in my upbringing, I have been provided with so many obstacles to fail at success and break the barriers.

Publishing industry Privilege

I grew up with the knowledge that being a writer was for the elite. As a writer, it is a career whereby profits take time to come. …

3. How long is your natural hair?

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These questions are a compilation of questions I have received from everyone, including black men and women. It is not something I think about every day, but recently, somebody asked me this very question, which made me ponder. Here are the top five questions I have been asked:

  1. What’s the African culture like?

I started this on a 25K salary 1 year ago.

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£500 depending on who you are, it might be a lot or below what you consider to be the norm to save. I have always wanted to save but had zero self-control to putting down the sum of money and not touching or even looking at it. From my weekend jobs when I was 17, I would say I am too young and have plenty of time, whilst a university student, I would say I was too broke; I always had an excuse and terrible money.

I started saving, to be exact, September 2019 Life before Covid. As I look…

How can we expect society to move forward when our own community cannot?

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The black race. An ethnic group with the widest of diversity, complexity, and textures. Many people who fall into this category are defined by their image first and foremost and carry this God-given beauty up, down, and up again the mountain of life.

Where to start? What the first thought I had in mind when the inspiration to write about this came into play Shall I start with history, whereby during the transatlantic slave trade, Black people who wear of lighter skin were deemed to be more superior or in the media industry — tv shows, music videos (with black…

The quantity vs quality debate.

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As a newbie on Medium, it has been sometimes hard to write an article to reach the 5 mins read mark and due to 2 reasons

  1. I am someone who likes to keep things brief and the 5 mins reading time felt like I was over-explaining
  2. Sometimes the content was complete at 3 mins, and I felt it was ok to stop there.

But I was proud to be able to complete an article with more than 5 mins read time and felt like provided enough credible source to give a share

But here 5…

Especially in these trying times.

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There is always “one” in the family who differs from the rest of the clan, they say, this person is the instigator of the family rows or the person who does not want to get their act together. Chances are this is quite familiar especially if you have a large extended family like myself (a joke that runs in my mum’s side of the family is that they make up 1% of the world population and someone will marry their cousin) but learning how to cope because the old saying of just ignore them is not helpful.

From the experience…

For a more wholesome version of you

Photo Credit: Dani Pendergast

I think it is important that everyone should be humble enough to accept being a student and being open to learning from people in a wide array of areas. It can teach you clarity and prosperity and not just in terms of wealth but also in spiritual, mental physical wellbeing.

Anthony ONeal

For many, he is primarily known for working alongside Dave Ramsey on the Ramsey Network. Anthony ONeal aims to teach people to fight generational poverty and provide financial literacy for people to learn how to be the first person in their family to move up the social and economic ladder.

Dear 2020, it’s been pleasure, thank you.

Photo Credit: Mohammed Nohassi, Unsplash
  1. The year I became a born-again Christian.

I cannot fathom how freeing and blessed I feel that God has woken me up this year and be fulfilled by his works.

2. I am earning more money than any other year.

In the times that we live in, I managed to resign from a job I absolutely hated (Yes, I still have a day job and not yet earning enough through writing). …

What my life is like as a 2nd generation Black British

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Life as a diaspora is a whirlwind, to say the least; I am British, born and raised in London; however, my parents are Congolese born and raised and moved to London in their 20s. Two years after their arrival, I was born.

I have to be honest, for a long time, I assumed that was classified as a first-generation diaspora as it made more sense being the first new generation of the Congolese culture and within the family (most Congolese migrants arrived in the early ’90s) but discovered otherwise through some research to make sure that I was providing correct…

Cathy Assoba

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